Art Market Budapest 2012 Part I

Art Market Budapest has just concluded its third year, its second at the Millenáris site.  Featuring a much stronger slate of international galleries with a heavy emphasis on Transylvania and the Cluj School, this year organizer Ledényi Attila has made great strides in helping both the artists and the art viewing public break down some of the insular if not provincial stereotypes that have plagued the Hungarian art world for decades.  He even managed to bring two of the most noticeable absences from past years into the fold as local powerhouses the Várfok Gallery and kisterem opted in for 2012.

With two distinct viewing areas occupying two floors, there was plenty to see while the upstairs bird’s eye view helped combat the labyrinthian claustrophobia that often plagues other art fairs.  Overall, the offerings were fairly conservative with a vast majority of the works being paintings.  There were very few photographs and video art was virtually non existent.  Works by Alexander Tinei and Bondoni Zsolt were on view in at least three separate booths while one of the stars of last year’s fair, Tarr Hajnalka assumed a greatly diminished role in 2012.  A few highlights with more to follow.

Art Market Budapest 2012 November 8 -11

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