The Hungarian Art World Power 50!!! has just released their first list of the 50 most powerful individuals in the Hungarian art industry. The list which includes curators, critics, collectors, gallerists, and artists has a few surprises and seems to to be a good springboard for debate as well as helping bring the esoteric and fragmented Hungarian art world into focus a bit.  Museum directors, curators, and art historians take top billing as they represent 30% of the list while artists represent the second largest group at 28%, however they seem to be much more concentrated towards the bottom rankings as only 3 of the 14 are in the top 25.  Unsurprisingly Bencsik Barnabás, Baán László, and Gulyás Gábor take the top three spots as directors of Budapest’s major museums with Petrányi Zsolt the former Director of the Műcsarnok and current department head of the Hungarian National Gallery weighing in at number 9.  A little more of a surprise is that the most powerful artist is female as Maurer Dóra shows up at number 8.  Pőcze Attila is the most powerful gallerist at number 4 as his relatively modest Vintage Gallery in the fifth district had a break out year with its participation in Art Basel.  Other interesting entries are Tóth Norbert, the somewhat controversial gallerist at Forrás at 27, as well as Ledényi Attila director of Art Market Budapest who is tied at 15 with artist Németh Hajnal.  Other conceptual artists Societé Réaliste, Kaszás Tamás, and Kis Varsó are bunched around the 30 spot and finally young artist Tarr Hajnalka rounds out the list at number 50, however I expect to see her rapidly climbing the ranks in ensuing years.’s Hungarian Art World Power 50

  1. Bencsik Barnabás, Director of the Ludwig Museum
  2. Baán László, Director of the Fine Arts Museum
  3. Gulyás Gábor, Director of the Műcsarnok
  4. Pőcze Attila, Gallerist Vintage Gallery
  5. Somlói Zsolt and Spengler Katalin, Collectors
  6. Pados Gábor, Collector and Owner of acb Gallery
  7. Petrányi Zsolt, department head of the Hungarian National Gallery
  8. Maurer Dóra, Artist
  9. Mélyi József, Art Historian , Critic
  10. Csörgő Atilla, Artist

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