Down the Rabbit Hole: Alfredo Barsuglia at Faur Zsófi

2015 January, 7

This post and its associated photos have been removed due to phone calls from the Faur Zsófi Gallery and the artist Alfredo Barsuglia requesting that I either take down the existing photos or replace them with official press photos in my blog post Down the Rabbit Hole: Alfredo Barsuglia at Faur Zsófi dated 2012. May 16.

As an artist and a gallery director I certainly want my work and that of my artists to be shown in the best possible light. However, I also understand that as an independent member of the modern press attending a public opening, I am entitled to my opinion (by the way, the review was quite complimentary and I thought the images were of a much better quality than those of most of the other posts on this blog). While I do not have a huge issue with replacing my amateur photos with official press photos, I do think that it does a disservice to all of the other talented artists whose work has been captured by my unsteady hand.

The intention of my blog is to promote the emerging Hungarian art scene. The photos that I take with my cheap handheld camera are meant to serve as an indication of the visual art presented, or more abstractly, as my own artistic interpretation of the work which I do not think even comes close to pushing the boundaries alleged against artist Richard Prince in the landmark case Carou vs. Prince.

This was an unusual request that I have not received before and it conflicts with my journalistic integrity as I believe it violates the principles of artistic expression and an independent Hungarian press. As I have always had a good relationship with the Faur Zsófi Gallery and most of its artists since its early days on Raday utca, I will take the entire offending post down as a favor. However, I will be very hesitant to cover any future exhibitions at the Faur Zsófi Gallery for Budapest Árt or as I value my time and readership.

Bullet Shih, Editor
Budapest Árt

Alfredo Barsuglia’s Unwritten Stories 2012 May 16 – June 10 Faur Zsófi


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