Almásy Almásy Takács Amásy at Hegyvidék

The Hegyvidék Galéria is currently featuring a multi-generational show by the Almásy family: Aladár Almásy, Ottilia Almásy, Ivor Almásy and Lidia Takács. The latter is, I am given to understand, an honorary member of the family.

A quick bit of background: Aladár is the patriarch, so to speak. Born in 1946, he had a successful career through the nineties, winning several major Hungarian art prizes and exhibiting in the Budapest Műcsarnok among other spaces. Since then he has continued his career as an artist, a bit more quietly but nonetheless productively. His style is highly graphic and seriously eclectic.

Ottilia needs no introduction in the Budapest art scene, where she’s been an unmissable presence since she was a teenager. For those on the outside, the relevant keywords are figurative and punk. In this show she’s gone with large-format drawings on warped board.

Ivor is the youngest Almásy in the show. He continues the Almásy graphical tradition, in a smaller format and a bit of a mysterious, conceptually-tinged style.

Lidia Takács, a student at the Academy, brings work of an entirely different nature: nebulous landscapes, barely discernible yet compelling; mostly prints, and one small painting. The prints are strongly influenced by traditional Chinese landscape painting, and in their physical form reminiscent of folio plates from the Age of Discovery.

The Hegyvidék Galéria is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is located at Városmajor utca 16, near Déli Pályaudvar railway station. The gallery is on the first floor, up the stairs to the right when you enter the building. Almásy Almásy Takács Almásy runs through January 11, 2013, and the show is closed from Christmas to New Year’s.

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