Altered Perceptions: Orosz István at The Hungarian Cultural Center NYC

Istvan Orosz in New York at the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York represents the latest visual arts exhibition by newly appointed Senior Secretary Romsics Gergely.   Orosz who is well known for his animated films, illustrations, and posters, continues the honoured tradition of Hungarians depicting geometric conundrums by artists such as Victor Vasarely.  In fact, Orosz was a pupil of Rubik Ernő, the inventor of the Rubik’s cube.  The exhibition makes good use of the long walls of the Hungarian Cultural Center to display a selection of colourful posters as well as a few etchings.  Several of Orosz’s animated shorts were also on view at the opening.  Orosz also engages in the arcane art of anamorphosis which requires a special mirror or device to decipher or reveal an intended image.  An excellent example is on display in the middle of the gallery space with a work on a pedestal with a silver reflective column placed on the work.  This time honoured tradition in art can be seen as far back as the 16th Century in the painting The Ambassadors done in 1553 by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Orosz István’s Istvan Orosz in New York 2011 December 5 – December 31 at the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York


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