Art on Acid III: Bodóloczki Linda at Ari Kupus

Ari Kupsus reaffirms his commitment to young Hungarian talent with his opening of  Bodóloczki Linda’s exhibition “Looking for my Prince” in his eponymous gallery and antiques shop on Bródy Sandor u.

Bodóloczki Linda who recently graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine arts in 2011 presents the viewers with crisp, colorful, graphic canvases lifted from popular Disney cartoons.  However, they appear not merely as renditions of cartoon celluloid, but as real life portraits plucked from the imaginary interiors of famous cartoon castles.

Ari’s gallery provides an interesting setting as the faux framed depictions of indeterminate royal family members are juxtaposed with real life objects of the bourgeoisie.

Bodóloczki’s works reference the transition from the nostalgic safety of youth replete with hope of a sugary future of “happily ever after” to the accelerated acid trip of adulthood where romantic preconceptions are often violently altered.

Bodóloczki Linda “Looking for my Prince” 2011 October 5 – October 28

at Ari Kupus

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