Batten Down the Crosshatches: Bartek Materka at Platan

Distinctions between photography and painting are at play in Bartek Materka’s The Cloud has Moved at the Platan Gallery.  Materka’s works which look like illustrations from some of the old family/lifestyles magazines of the 70s and 80s are actually paintings.  Following in the footsteps of the pointilists and even Lichtenstein, Materka uses a crosshatches and a careful application of of colors so that the viewer’s brain synthesizes the works into a discernable photolike image.  Materka uses family photos and plays a little “hide and seek” with the hanging of the show as well as three of the five paintings are “hidden” or not hung at the traditional eye level.

Bartek Materka’s The Cloud has Moved 2012 February 2 – March 16 at the Platan Gallery

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