Riddle Me This: Bódis Barnabás at Galéria IX

It is no secret that I am a huge admirer of the work of Bódis Barnabás.  His exhibition Szfinx at Galéria IX shows why he is indeed a conundrum of an artist.  I believe that it was Alfred North Whitehead who stated that true beauty is the fine line between chaos and monotony.  Bódis’s works fit this criterion exactly.  While seemingly haphazard and random, Bódis’s chaotic mind and seemingly random scrawlings combine with moments of extreme clarity and surprising technical precision to produce a masterful finished work of beauty.  Posssessing a preternatural sense of composition and more importantly the honed intuition of a chef who knows the exact moment between being undercooked and overcooked, Bódis creates works infused with energy and a staccato edge.  Hanging on the edge of a precipace, his works after prolonged observation display incredible depth not immediately apparent  during the initial cacophony of lines and brushstrokes.

Of course Bódis correctly answers the riddle of the sphinx with a series of portraits.  It is refreshing to see the works of Bódis in such a clean gallery setting as the contrast of the white walls both isolate and highlight his fevered process.

Bódis Barnabás Szfinx 2013 February 5 – February 22 at Galéria IX BUDAPEST RÁDAY U.47

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