Out of the Frying Pan: Bódis Barnabás at Serpenyős Vendéglő

The recent exhibition of Bódis Barnabás at Serpenyős Vendéglő provides the unique opportunity to see Bódis’s often raw and expressive work in a much more formal and controlled environment.  The violent gestures offer a perfect counterbalance to the clean lines of the restaurant’s elegant interior.  Bódis’s portraits populate the dining area giving it a jovial and and somewhat frenetic energy that one would expect from a bustling restaurant.

As Bódis’s portraits often contain a few strong and deliberate lines, I will try to offer the verbal equivalent.

Cervante’s Don Quixote was a romantic with a fantastic vision of the world.  He believed he had a special purpose in life.  While there were many who could not comprehend this vision and thought that Quixote was a bit crazy, it is certain that he was able to see the ordinary and make it spectacular.

Bódis Barnabás Le Profile de Don Xyoite 2013 October 29 – November 20 at Serpenyős Vendéglő

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