Go Gaussian: Bullás József at Flux Galéria

Bullás József’s exhibition Káprázat 3 (Mirage 3) at Flux Galéria showcases the artist’s colourful Op Art canvases which appear slightly out of focus to the naked eye.  His works can be seen by some as mesmerizing inviting the viewer to get lost in the patterns as the brain tries to make sense of the out of focus qualities, while others find the trompe l’oeil effects somewhat headache inducing.  I must admit that I have found Bullas’s works to be a little more effective when exhibited in a larger space such as the Műcsarnok or the B55 Galéria.  The intimate space of the Flux Galéria seems to highlight the unfocused aspects of the works while when seen at a distance in another setting, the blurriness of the works could be mistaken as a slight myopia.  If you stop by the exhibition, you may want to leave your corrective lenses at home.

Bullás József Káprázat 3 (Mirage 3) 2013 September 6 – September 20 at Flux Galéria

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