Face in the Crowd: Eike at Deák Erika

Budapest based video artist Eike presents his latest works in the exhibition Private View at Deák Erika.  Focusing on the creation of alternate spaces as well as intimate windows into larger scale scenes and concepts, Eike plays with the concepts of micro vs macro as well as the modern issue of nearly ubiquitous public video surveillance cameras being able to differentiate between the crowd and the individual.  The piece in the center of the gallery contains a two sided tent-like screen which on one side depicts a writhing mass of perhaps concert goers, while the opposite side presents an intimate portrait of a singular woman.  This also appears to be played out with inanimate  objects as well as the gallery windows contain large screens with large projections of what appear to the the facade of the Műcsarnok Exhibition Space on Heroes’  Square replete with surveilance cameras.  Across from these screens are small monitors which appear to display individual bricks in the wall.  This theme is also at play in a series that has selected individual moments over the past 20 years of Eike’s career with a series of monitors showing the artist talking at separate exhibitions from 1993 to 2012.  While the individual videos are ageless, the series presents an almost reversed Portrait of Dorian Grey as the artist in the artwork appears to either age or get younger depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Eike Private View 2012 May 11 – June 16 at Deák Erika

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