Here Today…FE-MA-LE Pop Up Gallery

The FE-MA-LE Pop Up Gallery across from the synagogue was the brainchild of Oliver Hardy as a part of the March 23rd Hungarian-Polish friendship day.  Hardy who himself is part Hungarian and part Polish organized a pop up gallery space at the old BÁV exhibition space on Dohány u. 16-18 to celebrate the artistic side of the Hungarian-Polish relationship which he believes should be a universal model.

The FE-MA-LE title is derived from (FE)sztival-(MA)agyar-(LE)engyel.  Hardy set up the exhibition in roughly two separate installments utilizing the close to 2000 sqm space.  His intention was to set up an open forum which would grow organically to fully embrace the concept of such friendship.  His model was that artists would invite other artists and that the space could also be used for special screenings and performances.  He hopes that the street level space in a heavily trafficked area will be open and accessible to all.  So far he has seen many curious visitors come off the streets and the reactions have been quite positive.  He has also had interest from artists from abroad who have sent in video works that they hope to share.  He expects more ad hoc collaborations in the coming weeks and like everyone in this city, hopes for warmer spring weather to encourage more people to take to the streets.  Hardy plans to retain the momentum of this project as there are plenty of similar vacant commercial spaces in Budapest which would be ideal for future pop up projects.  However, there is still much in store on the schedule before this pop up space disappears, so stay tuned.

Editor’s Note: I apologize, I previously misattributed the wall installation piece with the red socks as being by organizer Oliver Hardy.  It was by Richter Zsuzsi and was one of my favourite pieces of the entire show.  Sorry Zsuzsi!

FE-MA-LE Pop Up Gallery 2013 March 23 – April 20 Dohány u. 16-18


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