She Drew First Blood: Fehér Vera at Három Hét

Fehér Vera’s exhibition Blood Meat Tales ( Húsvér mesék) at Három Hét offers a little bit of everything as lines are blurred between illustrations, installations, and photos.  Her brightly colored work combines a bit of whimsy with the macabre as apparent doodles are presented as blown up photographs resulting in works that are a few steps removed from their original forms.  This is also true for some of her subject matter as the form of a pig is tranformed into a feather.  Her headless and often limbless anthropomorphic forms bring to mind the earlier work of American artist Inka Essenhigh.  Edible flowers provided at the opening for the visitors created a peculiar scene where a gathering of herbivores are surrounded by meat themed works.

Fehér Vera Blood Meat Tales ( Húsvér mesék) 2012 April 18 – June 16 at Három Hét Galéria


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