Food for Thought: Kertész Dániel at Magyar Műhely Galéria

Kertész Dániel’s exhibition Légbüfé at the Magyar Műhely Galéria consists of recent paintings of which many seemlessly incorporate multimedia elements to add additional punch and a bit of humour.  Many of the works  are also portraits depicting some of the older guard of the Hungarian art world.  Unfortunately  some of the artists such as Bálint Endre, El Kazovszkij, and Pauer Henrik are no longer with us, however their portraits are a touching tribute proving their spirits still live within the art community.  Kertész has found many ways to depict his fellow artists which range from painterly to being quite conceptual.  His non-portraiture works provide a colourful counter balance to the exhibition as many of the additional elements which appear to have been plucked from the lomtalanítás (street garbage) prove that everything old is new again adding energy to an excellent exhibition.

Kertész Dániel’s  Légbüfé 2011 November 10 – November 25 at the Magyar Műhely Galéria


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