Forgó Árpád, Kétpólusúak at Flux Galleria

Rarely have I spent so little time in an exhibition which I have enjoyed so much. Forgó Árpád’s exhibition Kétpólusúak at Flux Gallery is an excellent example of decorative non-figurative (abstract) works. My rapid race through the two and a half rooms of the gallery revealed a good number

of works.

The exhibition took these individual pieces and placed them together in formations which were intriguing. One group was placed in a corner while a similarly comprised group spread out along a wall. When I see art works I often think about where I could place them in my house. The corner group would suit a living room while the group in a line would work well in a hall. I then pondered if I could reorganise the pieces to suit any other room and I decided that this was indeed possible. Then I wondered who had placed these and had the works themselves being conceived with the intention of these formations or that the space of the gallery itself had defined their positioning.

Regardless of these questions, the result is that good non-figurative works are simply fantastic at finding their own place and in creating interest and curiosity even in the simplified confines of a gallery space (fundamentally a white box). The fortunate owner of these works could vary their location and organisation on a whim. Think of them as like a child’s toy brick set. They have endless combinations; you can build anything you want from.

The works followed a few main themes. One theme was that of black and white stripes, or rather, curves. A second them was that of fabric, twine, twisted over a box background. The final theme was that of texture and edging. As is often the case in non-figurative works, there was a limited but well chosen range of colours. None of the works or themes could be described as repetition but rather as exploration or development of a concept. The original concepts themselves were well understood by the artist and a good starting point for the play. The works were consistently around the size of an A4 sheet or a little larger.

I recommend you to visit while you can. It is only a few minutes from the Opera house.

Forgó Árpád Kétpólusúak 2013 May 29 – June 14 at Flux Galéria

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