I’ll Have Another Drink! Füredi Tamás at Chimera Project

Füredi Tamás’s show is part of the Solo series at Chimera Project space which showcases five of the project’s artists in a series of one week solo exhibitions.  Füredi’s work offers some tongue in check pictural wordplay as well as three series of portraiture.  The works appear to take place over the course of a drinking session where both the artist and his sitter are both indulging to excess.  Similar to the works of  20th century Polish artist Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) who established a portrait company in 1925 where he produced portraits while under the influence of varying or multiple drugs, both Füredi and Witkacy duly noted their consumption on the portraits.  Witkacy denoted his illicit consumption in coded annotations on the bottom of his works, while Füredi appears to keep a running tab of the drinks imbibed over the session.  It is fair to say that the decrease in clarity of the works is directly proportional to the  number of drinks.  However, this is not to say that the quality of the works diminshes as consumption increases.  In fact, I found many of the later stage works highly compelling especially when viewed within the proper chronology.  Füredi also adds notations on some of the portraits which appear to include songs being played in the background or even topics of conversation.  Overall Füredi presents an excellent recontruction of possibly lost time within his three series.  As his series are series within a series, check of this show before it slips past as well as the upcoming shows in the Solo lineup.

Füredi Tamás Solo II 2013 April 5 – April 11 at Chimera Project

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