Gábriel Ajna at Gondozó

I have always been a huge fan of Ajna’s personal and painterly work which often stands in stark contrast to much of the clean photoshopped artwork commonly seen in Budapest.  Her current show Bemrakparti Nosztalgia on display at Gondozó offer a glimpse into Ajna’s world as it offers portraits, still lifes, and a landscape or two as seen through her eyes.  The portraits of reclining friends and artists which were on display this summer at 400 (another venue offering works of contemporary artists in a cafe setting) conjure up comparisons to Alice Neel or Hungarian artist Batthyányi Gyula with their heavy brushstrokes and somewhat distorted images.  These are combined with still lifes of other portraits, doll’s, and other tchotchke most likely found in Ajna’s apartment and studio.  Finally a view out of Ajna’s studio overlooking the Duna offers the classic Budapest vista while making us consciously aware that we have not escaped Anja’s orbit as the curtains in the foreground prevent our escape.   Overall, the melange of disparate themes seem to offer a bizarre look inside “Ajna World” and surprisingly seem to fit perfectly within the confines of the thrift store atmosphere of Gondozó.

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