The Devil Made Me Do It: Győrffy László at Sz. István Király Múzeum Székesfehérvár

I have been a huge fan of Győrffy László’s work since I first moved to Budapest in 2000.  At that point he was graduating from the Fine Arts Academy and showing his Photoshop influenced works based on the theme of clones, pretty girls in dresses playing ping pong and gardening.  Over the past decade he has displayed a technical mastery of the medium of oil painting that is matched by very few if any Hungarian artists regardless of their age.  Along with his technical development, his subject matter has evolved/devolved from clones to mutants to grotesque incarnations involving phalluses, severed limbs, fornication, and scatological references (cocks, meat, fucking, and shit).  His mini retrospective at the Szent István Király Múzeum in Székesfehérvár is replete with these images, and as the title The Devil in the DNA (Az Ordog a DNS-ben) suggests, this has not been a sylistic tranformation, but rather a genetic predilection.

His show at the Szent István Király Múzeum in Székesfehérvár, a quaint little museum with exhibitions on Hungarian folk art, a small library, and an innocuous sculpture garden, doesn’t pull any punches in terms of subject matter.  There are plenty works of penises, feces, and rude gestures.  It was easy to get lost in his wall of drawings and watercolors, as well as his installation piece which consisted of a small room wallpapered with doodles.  All of these works are a testament to Győrffy’s draftsmanship as well as insights in to the depravity of his mind.  His work has contemporary parallels with the comic art and paintings of American artists Robert Crumb and Robt. Williams whose works show a more sinister alternate reality.

If there was any question to the show’s title in determining the nature vs. nurture debate, the section of Győffy’s drawings done between the ages of 3 and 9 which include a drawing of a dead dog with what looks like an erect blue penis done at age six allow for the simple conclusion, yes, he was born this way.

Győrffy László The Devil in the DNA (Az Ordog a DNS-ben) 2012 May 19 – August 26 at Szent István Király Múzeum Székesfehérvár

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