Extended Child Support: Győrffy László at Várfok Project Room

It was a cold day in the beginning of September and I was having a tough time motivating to leave my apartment and make the trek over to Buda to catch the opening of Győrffy László’s Az én fájdalmam a te örömöd ǀ My Pain is Your Gain at the Várfok Project Room.  However, as Győrffy is one of my favourite comtemporary artists, curiosity prevailed and I hoofed it over to to the opening.  Judging by the title, I imagined that the show would continue Győrffy’s evolution, or perhaps devolution, of figuratively grotesque art.  Upon entering the gallery, there were still a few stragglers who had not made it to the opening at the main Várfok space up the street eying the grouping of somewhat tortured abstract paintings.  The nails and burns reminded me of African fetishes or the somewhat anthropomorphic tree stump figures of Carroll Dunham during the 90s.  The paintings were impeccable in their distress and somewhat calculated.  I thought to myself that I should take some quick pictures of the show while wishing that the child in front of the paintings would move so I could get a clear shot.   After milling around a bit, I realized that the child had not moved.  A closer look revealed that the child was not a child at all but a mannikin and that Győrffy had in fact not omitted the perversion that I had anticipated.  With several people in the small gallery, the stationed child was so innocuous that most viewers simply peered at the art over his head.  He was also perfectly placed close enough to the wall that it was impossible to get in front of him so the only real way to see his face and his raging erection was to look down over his head or at an angle very close to the wall.  After getting the punchline, I milled around for a while watching visitors enter and leave the gallery, examining the pictures completely oblivious to the fact that the piece was in fact an installation.  I imagine that a lone visitor to the gallery subsequent to the opening would have a different experience as an unattended child would be noteworthy.  My experience made me happy that I had schlepped myself to the opening and also confirmed that Győrffy Laszló has not lost a step.

Edit: The original piece listed the gallery as Várfolk or Varfolk rather than Várfok, damn cut and paste!  My apologies.

Győrffy László Az én fájdalmam a te örömöd ǀ My Pain is Your Gain 2013 September 11 – October 26 at Várfok Galéria

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