Hidden in Plain Site: Hegedűs János at Tat Galéria

In his photo exhibition Unknown Contemporaries (Ismeretlen Kortárs) at the Tat Galéria, Hegedűs János presents a series of powerful black and white photographic portraits of individuals who in many ways have slipped through the cracks of Hungarian society.  These faces are either unseen by most individuals or seen only briefly on the streets or within the metro as most casual observers shuffle by or turn their heads to avoid eye contact.  Hegedűs captures intimate portraits of Hungary’s homeless as well as pensioners and street workers with a saturated forelornness and pictoral contrast that brings to mind American photographer Dorethea Lange’s early 20th Century portraits of Dust Bowl migrants.  Shown with a raw defiance as well as vulnerability, Hegedűs presents his sitters with a certain poetic beauty which is in stark contrast to their perceived stations as the ugly underbelly of the city.  Similar to Fehér László’s large scale portraits of homeless individuals of Budapest in the mid 2000s, Hegedűs  stops time and immortalizes individuals who in most cases will completely disappear from Budapest and the public eye within the next five years.

Hegedűs János Unknown Contemporaries (Ismeretlen Kortárs) 2013 February 28 – March 27 at Tat Galéria


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