Silence of the Jambs: Hörcher László at K.A.S.

Hörcher László’s Qualiton at the K.A.S. Galéria presents an eclectic mix of colorful churches, portraits, and heavy metal references. His clean stylized paintings of churches and town squares emphasizing empty spaces are reminiscent of Giorgio de Chirico’s works only much more colorful.  Oddly enough, Hörcher has stated that he begins his paintings with black and white photos and lets the colors find themselves.  Hörcher states that the churches and town images evoke childhood memories, however the stark emptiness also alludes to something a little more sinister as he views the emptiness as a post apocalypse state, perhaps the result of chemical warfare where people have eradicated each other.  This is the segway into his heavy metal paintings where bands like Metallica and Slayer sign or rather scream about death and destruction.  His skeletal middle fingers with melting Dali clocks embrace this Fuck the World mentality.  This critique of humanity is also apparent in his portraits that while intimate representations of close acquaintances also espouse a cynical view of humanity shared by contemporary artists Robert Crumb and Robt. Williams.
Hörcher László Qualiton 2012 June 1 – June 8 at K.A.S.

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