Hörcher László Studio Visit and Other Spring Activity

Earlier this spring I did a studio visit with artist Hörcher László to talk about his recent work and upcoming events.  While his creative process may be painstakingly deliberate, producing only  a few paintings every year, his prodigious path of destruction knows no limits.  Hörcher destroys guitars like Godzilla destroys Toyotas, with impunity.  During my visit, he told me that he is in the process of lobbying the Guinness Book of World Records to include him under the category of the “most extreme, brutal vernissage ever”.

Hörcher’s paintings which alternate between heavy metal themes and eerie de Chirico-esque landscapes portray an unnatural frozen moment which strongly suggests violent undertones which are yet to come or may have already come to pass.  His recent catalogue  Nuklearis Realzmus which was released this April contains many of his earlier works of typical Hungarian village squares which seem to have undergone a Chernobyl like transformation.  However, his most recent work, Skull Fucking Bat is a little less subtle.  Hörcher espouses a ying and yang approach as he told me that his next painting, Bat Fucking Skull is already in the works or at least past the initial planning stage.

At his recent exhibition in the Vármező Galéria, Hörcher reasserted himself as enemy number one of acoustic guitars everywhere.  This video of the vernissage should back up those assertions.


This earlier appearance on the popular Hungarian reality programme, X-Faktor should as well.


Hörcher László BetonKoktél 2014 May 5 – June 1 at Vármező Galéria



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