Ere I Saw Hatvan: Hunya Gábor 60 at MÜSZI

The current show HG60 – Esztétikai Engedetlenseg (Aesthetic Disobedience) at MÜSZI contains so many plots and subplots that I believe that a more apt title may be Esztétikai Szövevény (Aesthetic Imbroglio).

The HG60 in the title and the focal point of the show is the occasion of the 60th birthday of Hungarian art collector Hunya Gábor.  Hunya, an economist based in Wien has been an avid collector of both Hungarian and Romanian art since early 1990.  Excited by what he saw as a new era for the region both economically and politically, he sought out artists who bore witness to these changes and were able to both interpret and express their impressions through art.  In amassing his collection, Hunya viewed his collection as not merely a reflection of his personal tastes, but also a physical archive of the social and politic changes that have occurred over the past three decades.

The show is co-curated by Istvánkó Bea and Hunya Krisztina.  Krisztina who is Hunya’s daughter also shares his passion for art.  Educated in Art History at ELTE in Budapest, Krisztina finished her studies in Berlin where she currently resides.  She stated that her reasons for organizing the show were to celebrate her father’s 60th birthday through a public forum such as an art exhibition which has  been the elder Hunya’s passion for most if not all her life.  She sees her father as not merely a collector of art, but a collector of friends as well.  She stated that both her father and she believe that friendship transcends politics however, she admitted that she was not merely hoping to create a lovefest.  In making selections for the show she said she was conscious of choosing works that she believed were currently politically relevant and controversial.  Aware of her father’s reputation as a “bridge between Budapest and Bucharest” she mischeviously admitted that she would prefer the event to be one of heated discourse rather than a  handholding homage.   As her father presciently noted decades ago, massive changes are occurring beneath the surface here in Hungary and she shares her father’s faith in the artistic community to distill the disparate voices and both address and interpret these issues for both a larger audience as well as for posterity.

Happy Birthday Gábor!  While most people believe that MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, the cage fighting bare knuckle fighting events, most of the attendees for this event are likely to have other interpretations.  However for this limited engagement, Krisztina is hoping that the lines will be a little more convergent.  Let’s get ready to rumble!

HG60 – Esztétikai Engedetlenseg (Aesthetic Disobedience) 2013 March 29 -April 1 at MÜSZI

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