A Room with a View: Is This Real? at Chimera Project

One of the most exciting recent developments in the Budapest art world is the opening of the Chimera Project at Klauzál Tér.  In its second exhibition Is This Real? a group of four young artists presented dioramas in the packed gallery on a dark evening in February.  The intimate nature of the works provided a somewhat surreal experience akin to the silent discos where the entire audience is individually experiencing the concert while listening to headphones.  Curiosity, congeniality, and a bit cramped creepiness was the order of the evening as the large audience queued up to glimpse into the peepholes of the boxed in artworks.   During these interludes, the outside world seemed to disappear and a window to a strange new world was opened.  Icko Dávid’s works were especially magical as his use of concave lenses gave his small boxes an extra dimension of grandness as the scenes could not be entirely taken in without leaving certain elements within one’s peripheral vision.  Szabós Eszter’s works should be familiar to most people up on the contemporary art scene here in Budapest as her unique brand of animated watercolors have been widely exhibited in various venues around the city.  Her work brings to mind a somewhat more mundane version of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights with all of the tiny participants casually going about their daily business rather than enduring an eternal torture.  Both Karácsonyi László and  Máriás István aka Horror Pista combine a bit of the absurd with a miltary theme bringing to mind early Japanesse monster movies or the the concentration camp diorama of the Chapman Brothers.

This is an excellent show and one that I will certainly revisit under calmer less crowded circumstances to fully take in the intimate experience.  Kepp an eye on the Chimera Project for exciting future events.

Is This Real? 2013 February 22 – March 16 at Chimera Project



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