A Head From Behind: Jagicza Patrícia at KogArt

Like Czene Márta, Jagicza Patrícia represents the new generation of Hungarian artists with impeccable draftsmanship.  In her exhibition Arctalanul (Faceless) at KogArt Galéria, Jagicza presents a series of works on paper depicting female profiles seen directly from behind.  Her works which often include hats, bathing caps, and curlers  end up being orgies of color  and texture.  Given her steady hand, her works could easily be mistaken as photos  however, Jagicza is not merely painting by numbers.  Her deft application of marker? (the technique is listed as marker on paper while to me it looked very much like watercolor) displays a masterful understanding of colors as well as chiaroscuro.  Her large scale works in oil on canvas also demonstrate that Jagicza’s prodigious skills lose nothing when expressed in a different medium.

Jagicza Patrícia Arctalanul (Faceless) 2013 January 17  – February 9 at KogArt

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