Time keeps on slipping: Jonas Mekas’ 365 Day Project at 2B Galéria

Jonas Mekas doesn’t consider himself a filmmaker.  He has no script, no producer, and no plan.  What he does offer through his work is a a look backstage, a degree of openness and engagement with himself, and what he finds around him, whether it is his friends, a concert, a sculpture, etc.

Every day from January 1st, 2007 the artist’s friends were invited to view a selection of films of various lengths on the internet. Each monitor corresponds to a different moment in Mekas’s life.  The projections are laid out in a linear rather than sculptural fashion in order to emphasize the artist’s chronology.  The viewer must reconstruct the artist’s life vis-a-vis the flickering screen of memories past. Also included in the exhibition is the projection of Mekas’s Sleepless Nights Stories (2011) and First 40 (2006).

365 Day Project  can be seen at 2B Gallery until July 6 and also on the artist’s website http://jonasmekasfilms.com .


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