Julita Wójcik: Wave panel at the Polish Institute

“Help me to peel this mountain of potatoes! Help me to sweep the floors! Knit with me! Help me to paint this landscape! Help me to be myself…and help yourself to be yourself too!”- Julita Wojcik

Julita Wójcik grew up in the longest socialist panel housing block in Poland built in the 1970s in the in the Przymorze district of Gdansk.  Little wonder this form emerges in her recent exhibition, Wave Panel, softened by the use of pink and white knit. Wójcik’s work typically plays with notions of social codes and gender clichés, using the catalyst of amateur gestures and small interventions such as knitting, sweeping, or gardening.  If you are looking for the perfect collision of brutalist modernism and homespun craft, then this is a must-see.

At the Platán Galéria at the Polish Institute until August 31.

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