Colorful Legend: Keserü Ilona at Kisterem

Easily one of the most influential Hungarian artists of the 20th century, Kesurü Ilona has been a source of inspiration for many contemporary Hungarian artists for most of her 78 years through both her work and her teachings.  Born and based in the southern city of Pécs, Keserü has been an instrumental part of establishing the Art Academy of Pécs as the second capital of artistic educational excellence next to Budapest.  To highlight this point Keserü was designated an honorary citizen of Pécs in 2011.

Embracing expressive abstract forms bursting with color, Keserü’s works always had a more liberated feeling than many of her Budapest based male nonfigurative counterparts whose works were often constrained by geometric shells.   Keserü’s current exhibition at Kisterem shows that her boldness and vibrant visions have ceratainly not diminished over the years.

Keserü Ilona 2012 November 14 – December 21 at Kisterem

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