Everything AND the Kitchen Sink: Kocsis Imre at KOGART

The current Kocsis Imre retrospective Avenue (Sugárút) at KOGART is an impressive survey of many different styles and media from many decades of work from this 73 year old artist.  There appear to be several major themes in which he worked, some spanning over his lifetime an others seemingly restricted to specific periods.  Kocsis produced some excellent photographic works which incorporated both collage and montage techniques.  In the 70s, he produced many works on canvas with a distinctive realist style that combined figures with a colorful, formal, graphic, decorative setting.  In the late 70’s, he seemed to abandon the figure altogether giving way to an obsession with keyholes that was to last about a decade.  His giant keyhole paintings and prints are well represented in this show.  In the 80s, he experimented with a bizarre photo transfer method on acrylic stretched surfaces with seem to combine an appreciation for Lucio Fontana with a deranged vandal with a switchblade attacking vinyl seating in a bus stop waiting room.  Later he appeared to enter an oriental phase with paper cutouts and an installation with a net before setting to work on what would be one of the defining works of his career, the Wedding Feast (Lakodalom), a large scale work he completed in 2000.  He worked for close to a decade on this painting depicting a behind the scenes look at women preparing a  traditional wedding meal replete with stoves, pots, and pans.

Kocsis Imre’s  Avenue (Sugárút) 2012 March 4 – April 15 at KOGART

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