Old World: Korodi Luca at the Rumbach Sebestyén Synagogue

A wonderful aspect about Budapest is the magnificence of its architecture with its former grandeur in various states of repair or disrepair.  It is especially enjoyable when artists use these forgotten spaces for exhibitions as they make for truly unique experiences.  Last evening Korodi Luca presented some of her works at the Rumbach Sebestyén Synagogue in the center of Budapest.  Currently undergoing a slow restoration process, the synagogue offered an atomosphere of haunting splendor for Korodi’s works which held their own against the cavernous bejewelled interior.    Korodi’s centerpiece of a map of the world in crushed glass echoed both the fragility and perseverence of the building while also providing light and an edginess to a space that has remained in the dark for too long.  As a first time visitor to the synagogue I can only thank her for providing us with such an illuminating experience.

Korodi Luca (NGC 7923) 2012 October 26 at the Rumbach Sebestyén Synagogue

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