End of the Line: Körösényi Szisztéma IV at Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria

In the final installment of what was a touching tribute to art professor Körösényi Tamás (1953-2010) the Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria presents Körösényi Szisztéma IV.  The artists on display represent the second generation of artists or the pupils of pupils of Körösényi Tamás.  On display are works from students of the Kisképző or middle school of Fine Arts who studied under Kovách Gergő, Szabó Ádám, and Szász György.  While the artists are still young and in the process of finding their personal styles, one can see certain influences from their teachers who were direct students of Körösényi who exhibited in an earlier show at the  Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria.

Körösényi Szisztéma IV 2012 January 24 – February 27 at Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria

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