Linear Subtlety: Szíj Kamilla at Telep

Szíj Kamilla’s exhibition Belső Középpen (Inner Center) contains works on paper that are expressions of patient circumscription.  Her drawings are very similar to the annual rings on the cross section of a tree trunk of a tree that has lived for over a hundred years.  Her use of two overlapping patterns hint at disruption while the two systems operate independently of each other.  The results are soothing rhythmic works which must be seen with the naked eye to be fully experienced.

Telep is located in the city center at near the rear of Madach Tér in the old Godot Gallery space.  The downstairs is now a cafe while the upstairs gallery has remained more or less the same.  This is the second compelling, understated exhibition I have seen at this locale, so if you find yourself in the neighborhood, I suggest you pop up and take a look especially as these photos certainly do the works a disservice.

Szíj Kamilla “Belső Középpen” 2011 September 30 – October 11

at Telep Budapest, VII. Madách út 8

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