Malthusian Mayhem: Város at EME

Város or City represents the third curatorial installment at the Transylvanian/Hungarian Culture House by artist Bódis Barnabás.  After the original 15 exhibition featuring 15 international artists, the City exhibition included over 30 exhibitors with the number increasing even during the opening.  Bódis with the help of KAS gallery owner Nyakas Ilona’s critical eye was able to order all the disparate pieces of sculpture, photography, and paintings into some sort of coherent presentation in a single room.   Even the scupture of a loaf of bread by an artist named Miller (Molnár)  seemed at ease in the center of the room.  An ecclectic mix of young and older artists combined with a performance/poetry reading as well as plenty of drums and music.  Unfortunately the dancing was in short supply as folkdance maven Keszthelyi Imre who was scheduled to opening the exhibition was hit by a car while biking several weeks ago.  Several broken bones and a missing spleen have slowed him down a bit, but had little effect on his characteristic mirth as he performed a few songs.

Video invite by Gyurics Balázs

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