Vampire Killer: Nagy Sára at Galéria IX

Nagy Sára’s exhibition Hawthorn (Galagonya) at Galéria IX contains a series of large emotive and somewhat violent self portraits.  Her strong colors and gestural brushstrokes result in bold paintings and drawings that certainly contain parallels to those of Egon Schiele.  Her choice of title conveys hope as well as a banishing of demons.  In the Scottish Highlands the hawthorn’s flowers which bloom in May are seen as a sign of hope as the summer approaches.  However, closer to home, the Serbs believe that a wooden stake hewn out of  hawthorn wood is the best weapon to kill vampires.  As Nagy struggles with her internal demons on the canvas, I do indeed hope that her brushes are made out of hawthorn wood.

Nagy Sára Hawthorn (Galagonya) 2012 September 7 – September 25 at Galéria IX

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