The Lovecraft Down Below: Necromonicon at Latarka

The Necromonicon is a fictional book of the occult conjured up by American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft in his 1924 short story The Hound. The basis for the Necromonicon is an otherworldly evil which threatens the existence of man. In the Necronomicon exhibition at the Latarka Galéria downstairs at the Polish Institute’s Platan Galeria, curator Kaposi Dorka brings together three artists who produce stylized artifacts which hint at more sinister underpinnings in the crypt like exhibition space.
The moody black and white photos of Dobos Tamás appear to capture supernatural transmutations as the viewer bears witness to cellular mitosis on a corporal level. Horváth Lóczi Judit has produced a vast series of trophies or talismans produced from post industrial waste. These objects represent a permutation which exudes death while at the same time appearing to offer offline protection from a crypto-cyberworld. Her Frankenstein-esque creations assembled from disparate parts convey that death lurks within even the most banal objects. While Gyarmati Zsolt offers similar death imagery, his neon and vinyl apparitions point more to man made terror; braided climbing ropes and fissures hint at some sort of satanic Tron effect where a less than benevolent portal links computer based and sentient reality. This aspect neatly ties the exhibition together as the occult mixes with the artistic process for the sake of pure evil.

Dobos Tamás, Horváth Lóczi Judit, and Gyarmati Zsolt Necronomicon 2014 February 6 – February 19 at Latarka

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