Un-Stitch in Time: Olga Theuriet at Galerie Cave Canem

Budapest Árt heads deep underground in Budapest’s 5th District to Galerie Cave Canem to find Dijoni artist Olga Theuriet present her performance piece non. Located in the pince (cellar) in the back of the courtyard of an apartment building close to the Hungarian Parlament, Theuriet did her best Penelope impersonation in one of the basement’s raktars as she painstakingly went about her work for the two hour performance. With the starkness of a nun’s cell, Theuriet sat at a small table in the dark chamber with a piece of sky blue lingerie and a pair of scissors and a seam ripper. She then proceeded to decontruct the garment one small piece of thread at a time carefully placing each strand in a small pile which slowly grew to resemble a small mound of aqua silken public hair. The visitors mostly proceeded to the adjacent common area of the pince for conversation and refreshments returning every so often to pop around the corner to find Theuriet still engrossed in her work as the panties slowly dematerialized and the pile of threads grew. Although I was not able to reamin to see the climatic result of her endeavors, Theuriet’s fait accompli can be seen


Theuriet’s simple but elegant piece operated on many levels as the contrast of her her heavy black outer garb and the light, blue, under garment referred to both the visible and the invisible. Religious references were certainly apparent along with concepts of French feminism and consumerism as French women are believed to spend more per capita on lingerie than any other nationality in the world. On a more sinister side, Theuriet’s choice of lingerie strongly resembled a woman’s reproduction system replete with ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the uterus. The cold steel of the seam ripper and the scissors against the delicate fabric on the operating table in a dark, cold, underground environment had a chilling effect.

This was the 11th exhibition in Galerie Cave Canem which is the brainchild of Frenchman and Budapest denizen Franck Fontaine. Cave Canem takes its name from the latin phrase “Beware of the Dog” which was inscribed under a mosaic of a chained dog found in the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii.  This is an intriguing and exciting venue and one to keep an eye on for future events.

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Olga Theuriet non 2015 November 20 – December 6 at CAVE CANEM Galéria
– Kálmán Imre utca 16 – 1054 Budapest

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