Multi Tasking: Politechnika at Viltin

The group show Politechnika at Viltin features 8 female artists whose work clearly reveals a process as well as a mixture of different media.  There is time elapsed transformation through several different media such as Baglyas Erika’s voodoo apple stuck with pins photographed in its various states of decay.  There is also the unexpected tranference of meaning or perception as in the case of Winkler Zsuzsi’s hairbrush comprised of sharpened pencil tips rather than bristles.  Tranker Kata has reconstituted small sculptural trees out of paper.  Chilf Mária also plays with several different media and perceptions with her photos of people holding textiles accompanied with embroidered textile renditions of these photos causing the viewer to question which version is more “real”.

Politechnika 2012 June 7 – August 8 at Viltin

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