Quiet Landscapes: Jung Zseni at Mai Manó Ház

Growing up in the US in the eighties, I saw more than my fair share of female nudes shot with a soft focus effect.  This was before Photoshop could sharpen nipples, erase cellulite, and add or remove ribs with the click of a button.  So in looking at Jung Zseni’s lovely exhibition Csenddé lett, the photos of female nudes evoked a sense of nostalgia adding to the already dreamy soft effects as bodies and fabrics seemed to merge creating an undulating landscape.  Jung’s works conjure up a timeless erotica from another era where the beauty of the female form and masterful composition reigned before being replaced by a polyurethaned  hardness and excruciating detail.  This exhibition closes on December 18th so catch it while there is still time.

Jung Zseni Csenddé lett 2011 November 18 – December 18 at Mai Manó Ház

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