Black Liquidity: Rune K. Drewsen at Espresso Embassy

Danish artist Rune Drewsen returned to Budapest to exhibit his black, white, and a touch of red prints in his show IT’S NOT JUST MEDICINE at Espresso Embassy.  The prints were done in Budapest last year as part of the Printa residency which invites foreign artists to visit Budapest and draw their inspiration from the city.  The results come to life while working within the Printa studio to create the silkscreens here in Budapest.  In describing the series Drewsen remarked, “I wanted the look to be very clean and tight, since drinking never is, and by using such a strict color pallet the drawings become stronger, more like propaganda posters or commercials”.

Drewsen certainly did his research and the results are a bold set of works that poignantly capture the essence of the drinking culture here in Budapest.  While the café Espresso Embassy may seem like a stretch for an Unicum based series, as with most things in Budapest there is more than meets the eye.  Über barista and owner of Espresso Embassy, Várady Tibor previous ran the café at Printa where he met Drewsen during his residency.  While Drewsen in his vast field research was fairly indiscriminate in terms of what he was dumping down his throat, Varády runs Espresso Embassy with surgical precision, carefully sourcing his coffee beans from individual growers all around the world and making sure that they are treated with utmost care as they are transformed into liquid black gold.  So whether you have had a hard night out on the town OR you had an early evening and your tastebuds are still intact, I recommend that you march down to Espresso Embassy and treat yourself to a supreme cup of joe and take in Drewsen’s masterful series of works.

Rune K. Drewsen IT’S NOT JUST MEDICINE 2013 March 8 – April 8 at Espresso Embassy

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