Life’s a Bleach: Stefanovits Péter at Budapest Kiállítóterem

Stefanovits Péter’s Clorox Works (Clorox Művék) at the Budapest Kiállítóterem utilize a common/uncommon method to create works based on a chemical process.  Normally confined to the realms of photography and etching where chemical reactions dictate chiaroscuro effects, Stefanovits uses household bleach on darkened canvas to achieve a similar effect.  Having worked with bleach over the years, like a skilled darkroom technician Stefanovits has mastered the technique of using a bucket of water as a “stop bath” to achieve the exact degree of whiteness that he desires.  The result is a work is very similar to the cameraless processes of luminograms or photograms where an object is placed either directly on or above the photographic paper and exposed to light creating darkened images on the paper once developed.

Stefanovits’s use of bleach to emphasize light and dark is metaphorical as well as technical as his round or tondo works contain excerpts from the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus references Salt and Light.

Stefanovits Péter Clorox Művék 2012 August 2 – September 23 at Budapest Kiállítóterem

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