Sum of the Parts IV: Köves Éva at Tat Galéria

Köves Éva’s Beehive (Kaptár) at Tat Galéria continues her use of paint built up on photographs to create heavily textured images which both hide and allude to her process.  Köves is a recent recipient of one of the prestigious Pollock-Krasner grants issued by the estate of American artists Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner to support deserving contemporary artists.   Known for piecing together mundane geometric architectural elements to create an entirely new linked structure, when producing her recent body of works, Köves looks a little deeper to a simpler, more molecular geometric structure evoking the hexagonal building blocks of beehives alluded to in the show’s title.  She also departs a bit from her trademark grisaille approach by adding a surface layer of primary and secondary colours on some of her works.  These kaleidoscopic details drastically alter the pieces as they appear to jump out and confront a viewer who is accustomed to delving into the more passive white and grey details of her other works.

Köves Éva’s Beehive (Kaptár) 2011 December 7 to January 12 at Tat Galéria


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