The Wisdom of Clowns: Szigeti Tamás at A38

In his exhibition Self Empowerment (Önhatalom) Szigeti Tamás continues to demonstrate his skills as a masterful weaver of paint.  His interwoven layers of translucent paint applications read like fine medieval tapestries.  In fact it is in technique that I concur with Veres Bálint who opened the exhibition when he stated that this series was especially symbolic or allegorical.  If part of the painted leopards exist on top of, or outside of the painted bars, is it truly caged?  Szigeti’s series of eight large canvases consisting of clowns, citizens, animals, and celebrations provoke introspection while at the same time providing a visual punch in the teeth similar to Bacon’s Screaming Pope Innocent X.

Szigeti Tamas’s Self Empowerment (Önhatalom) 2012 May 8 – May 24 at A38

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