Board Stiff: Szűcs Attila at A38

Szűcs Attila presents his new paintings at A38 in his exhibition Introduction to Planking.  Based on the fad that more or less originated in Australia, planking generally consists of a person laying faced down in a prone position with their hands at their sides in an unusual, often public location.  Planking received the attention of authorities in Australia after several stunts proved life threatening, “plankers” on moving vehicles and eventually deadly as  one young man plunged to his death after attempting planking on a seventh floor balcony.

Szűcs has created a series of drawings and large scale paintings as a tribute to this absurd passing phenomenon.  Strangely enough, Szucs’s paintings seem to dwell more on the life threatening aspects of planking rather than the humor as his paintings depict a figure planking a car crash as well as one painfully sandwiched in some sort of stalagmite pagoda.  Other paintings include a covered corpse in a crypt and some paintings of flowers, one of which mutates into skulls.

This exhibition represents a teaser as art enthusiasts are certain to see more of Szűcs’s work as part of Deak Erika’s program in this weekend’s Art Market Budapest.

Szűcs Attila Introduction to Planking 2012 Novemner 3 – November 24 at A38

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