Take it to the Bank: Chilf Mária at Raiffeisen Bank Galéria

In her exhibition Blind Spot (Vakfolt) at Raiffeisen Bank Galéria, Chilf abandons her colourful palette in favour of more monochromatic works on paper using a bleeding ink technique.  The show is a series of austere images often contained within a biomorphic shell which conjures up either a circulatory system or vegetative roots and branches.   This setting combined with the solitariness of the figures results in metaphorical works with dark or sinister undertones.  Her pièce de résistance is a multipaneled work covering an entire wall depicting an army of downtrodden individuals waiting in line for a soup kitchen.   This is an impressive piece and given that the setting is in a bank adds punch to the message.  The organizers at Raiffeissen should be commended for forgoing uncontroversial simple pretty abstractions for a show which offers some biting social commentary.

Chilf Mária Blind Spot (Vakfolt) 2011 November 7- 2012 January 8 at Raiffeisen Bank Galéria


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