The Lines are Blurred: Kaori Homma at A38

London based Japanese artist Kaori Homma revisits Budapest with her exhibition Meridian at the A38 boat gallery.  Homma’s work focuses on the transitory nature of art and life succinctly captured in a quote by artist Eva Hesse, “Life doesn’t last; art doesn’t last. It doesn’t matter”.  Her preferred medium is paper, however this show also includes a median line made out of sugar creating an arbitrary demarcation between east and west in the middle of the gallery.  While the gallery on the boat was going nowhere as the waters of the Danube rushed by going north to south and west to east, the temporary line in the gallery slowly blurred and disappeared due to the human mingling during the opening.   Her point is poignant as Budapest has always asserted itself as Central Europe and recent history has removed many of the barriers between Eastern and Western Europe.   Homma hopes to further break down the hemispheric division by showing that the line between Europe and Asia can easily be breached like a line of sugar.  Her video of her piano sculpted out of paper reinforces this view as it is burned and reduced to nothingness.  However, it is interesting to note that her lovely works on paper seem to exist solely due to the fine line between paper and ash as they are created using a heat activated burning technique to produce her static images.  Unfortunately, faster than you can say “Burning paper piano” the exhibition has come and gone.

Kaori Homma Meridian 2011 November 8 – November 8 at A38 Galéria

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