Towers of Babble: Uglár Csaba at acb

Uglár Csaba presents his latest drawings and paintings in his exhibition Between the Lines (A Sorork Közt) at acb.  Using text and automatic drawing techniques, Uglár creates a nexus of activity where the text delineates distinct planes creating a three dimensional structure in its traditional two dimensional setting.

Fenyvesi Áron writes in the exhibition’s press release,

Csaba Uglár’s painting is an experiment to create a system without clear borders or rules – in essence, a system without a system. It is a contradiction at its base. Thus his work is an anarchic formula of the chaos theory, which invites us for a time-travel in typography. It is as much poetry as it is gesture and action painting, fuelled by the monologues of the ego. It is both auto-therapy and automatism, which to the viewer may often manifest as mania. If we wish to remain less auto-biographical and more poetic, however, we could say that the paintings are electro-technical modulations channelled into calligraphic painting. Of course this always comes together with a dose of – instinctively postmodern – “bad painting”, which has always been characteristic of Uglár’s work and artistic production.

Uglár Csaba Between the Lines (A Sorork Közt) 21012 November 23 – December 21 at acb

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