Yurt place or mine: Kaszás Tamás at Kisterem

Kaszás Tamás’s installation Megashelter (Megamenedék) at kisterem is a provocative comment on both architecture and the concept of shelter in modern society.  His ad hoc steel structure on an oriental carpet creates a modern vertical village, however rather than modernist utopian modules, this village is comprised of isolated shanties or crude huts.   A wooden bulletin board facing the the structure draws references to architectural idealists such as Malevich and Kiesler, along with plans for building simple functional structures, as well as references to Budapest’s homeless population.   Kaszás’s work presents a harsh critique of the concept of a home in a modern society where the US is mired in a housing crisis,  Occupy Wallstreet protesters have created a pop-up tent village amid the hallowed towers of the financial world in New York City, and the local government is actively persecuting the homeless population in Budapest’s Eighth District.

Kaszás Tamás’s Megashelter (Megamenedék) 2011 October 19- November 18 at kisterem


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