Hitman on a Bike: Tüfujeger at Vörösmarty 38

In 2010 a crazy Swiss street artist came biking through Budapest. I met Tüfujeger at an excellent street art event at Printa and mentioned to him that we had a very large unloved wall in our studio space at Vörösmarty 38 and if he was interested, he was welcome to write something on our wall.  A few days later Tüfujeger showed up at the studio with his bike, a bag full of cans and tape, and a 10 meter ladder!  Tüfujeger certainly didn’t look like most street artists I have met with their black hoodies, pale skin, and hollow eyes corroborating their nocturnal activities; he looked like a Swiss alpine hiker with broad shoulders and a healthy tan.  So I took it with a grain of salt that he could nonchalantly bike across the city with a ladder the length of a firetruck over his shoulder.  However in retrospect, I do wish that I had witnessed this feat in person.  Tüfujeger worked diligently for about a week and in a flash he was gone along with the ladder, leaving behind his wonderful piece covering three walls and a pile of spent cans and  tape.

Please check out a moving work he also did in Vörösmarty 38 as well as some of the other pieces done by this roving artist on his bike tour.

Scrach’n’Spray [raw-version] from artacks on Vimeo.

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