(Re)Moveable Feast: Prehuman Syndicat at MÜSZI

The performance Vacsora AZONBAN/Dinner HOWEVER by Prehuman Syndicat at MÜSZI was a visual delight.  The premise was simple enough, the tagline stated-

a scene from the life of
a fish,
a man,
and  a woman is evolving on the stage…

Containing no spoken words, the performers Mindák Gergely and Iván Kata presented a piece that was somber, visually captivating, and absurd.  In a similar fashion to the iconic play Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco, the preposterous animal morphology taking place on stage is almost secondary to the storyline.  Viewers witness a supposed fishmonger and his wife transform a virtual Swiss Army knife of a swordfish into dinner setting for two.  Perhaps the most amazing feat which likely required the most practice was the ability to assemble an Ikea table sliced from the fish’s belly, in under five minutes.  Like a circus clown car, new items are introduced as the fish is slowly gutted.  The result is magical and a marvel of design and efficiency.

Mindák Gergely and Iván Kata and have been working together on the Prehuman Syndicat project since 2011.  Be sure the catch this performance or one of their other delightful creations in the future.

Prehuman Syndicat Vacsora AZONBAN/Dinner HOWEVER 2013 September 24  at MÜSZI

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