Verebics Ágnes Open Studio at A.P.A.

On Sunday October 14, the Verebics Ágnes opened her studio at A.P.A. to the public from 14:00 to 19:00.  I posted some pictures of the open studio of her next door neighbor Szabó Ágnes last week.  If Szabó’s studio is a garden of Eden with its colorful birds and bright green expansive flora, the studio of Verebics Ági presents her as Szabó’s mischevious, subversive twin.  The works of Verebics Ági created an atmosphere that was half morgue and half bondage club with her large photo montage of a corpse spread out on the central operating table while most of the paintings served as unseeing witnesses on the walls, bound and/or blindfolded, yes even the bird and the dog.  The artist held court in front of a wall of lightboxed eyes which were also not witnesses, but rather trophies connected to a central nervous system in order to serve their dark queen of A.P.A.

Official website of Verebics Ágnes.

Verebics Ágnes Open Studio 2012 October 14 at A.P.A.


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